Red Island 15 September

It was a lovely sunny day for our tramp to Red Island and low tide was supposed to be just after noon – perfect for a trip along the beach .  There were 8 of us, including Phil on his first tramp with the Club and as well we had Nat’s 2 dogs.  We arrived at Waimarama at 9 AM and started the rock hop along the beach.  There is a lot less sand than there has been in previous years and the going was to be quite slow.  The tide appeared quite high and to get around the first projection, about 30 minutes from the start, we had to wade through knee deep water.   Nat’s dogs did not appreciate being man-handled around this obstacle with Mully clinging on tightly to Peter as he carried her through the water.  

The last of us got to Cray Bay about 11.30 where we had a bite to eat before continuing on.   We had passed two fur seal pups on the way to Cray Bay and there was a bigger one and a dead one after Cray Bay.   Concerned about the tide (it didn’t look to be going out that far),  the five ladies  decided not to continue far past the next projection and returned back to Cray Bay for lunch.  Checking the tide table later I found that the low tide was 0.4 m  which, as we suspected, was higher than most low tides (they range from 0 to 0.4 m).

The guys carried on to Red Island and were going to walk around it (it is has a spit to the shore at low tide) but didn’t because they found a couple of seals there so they decided to leave them in peace .  After checking out the red rocks they headed back and caught up to the last of the ladies just before the final projection.  Susan, Nat and the dogs, who had gone ahead, had easily got passed this point by walking through the water but the rest of us, half an hour later,  had more difficulty having to climb up and over  the rocks with few foot-holds.

We were all  back at the truck by 2.30 and back in town just after three (unfortunately the ice-cream shop at Waimarama wasn’t open).

Party :  Phil W, Alan P, Christine S, Anne D, Susan L, Nat B, Peter B, Glenda H and the dogs: Mully and Pukahu.

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