Kuripapango 30 March.

The planned trip to Cameron did not go ahead because of possible high river levels in the Ngaruroro. As there were no takers for an overnight trip to Kiwi Saddle a day trip was organised. Still, however, only 3 travelled to the Lakes Road car park on this Sunday to start their walk up to Kuripapango Trig. Maybe it was the forecast of not so fine weather, but the forecasters were wrong. We had a brilliantly fine day up there, a little mist first thing which turned to sunny blue skies. The sun rays through the fir trees were spectacular as we started up and we got good views of the Lakes.

At the junction with the track down to Cameron car-park we met a hunter who had come up for a morning’s hunt and we had a brief spell there chatting with him.  We then carried on towards Kiwi Saddle to lunch at a sunny view point in the beech forest, about 30 minutes from the junction, where we had good views all the way to Ruapehu.  Janice had carried on a little further and found a similar spot for her lunch.

Afterwards we headed back the way we came but diverted up to Kuripapango Trig for a look around before descending to Lakes car park.  We then decided to see if we could get down to the Kuripapango Lakes from the old Lakes Road.  After a half hour walk down the road, not seeing any ready access to the Lakes (except for a vehicle track with a Keep Out sign), we returned to the car and went home.

Party: Janice L, Susan L & Glenda H

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