Tangoio Falls and White Pine Bush. 28 June

Ten members travelled in two cars to the Tangoio Falls carpark where we started the track heading northwards. The weather was perfect but the track in the first hour was very slippery with pockets of mud and bog from recent rain. The Kareaara and Rauwiri Kokomuka streams were flowing freely as we followed them to cascade lookout. We stopped here for a break and saw an average water flow over the rocks to the stream below.
Tangoio. White Pine. June 2017 014
For the next hour we wandered along an easy track where we observed a variety of trees like—- Redwoods ( 70 years old) Poplars, Radiata Pine, Eucalypts, Nikau, Macrocarpa and other natives some of which appear to be regenerating.
On arrival at White Pine Bush we were greeted by the resident rooster who was looking for left overs from our lunch stop.—- he found some crumbs after we left to walk the wheelchair track. There were stops to read the information boards and of course admire the gigantic Kahikatea trees. An easy loop track of about 40 minutes entailing many bridges over the streams below.
To return to the Tangoio Falls track, we reversed our walk back to the carpark via the Te Ana falls where there was a good fall of water crashing into the Kareaara stream.

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